Dr. Ravi R Deshmukh

Dr. Ravi R Deshmukh (popularly known as RR) is an eminent surgeon, professor, and a trusted practitioner. With more than half a century of surgical practice, he has been at the forefront of medical service, and has had the good fortune to significantly impact the lives of thousands of patients positively over the years.


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50 Years Experienced

Over half a century of surgical practice, Dr Deshmukh has significantly impacted lives of patients.

500+ Surgeries

Dr Deshmukh has been at the forefront of medical service through his experience and expertise with over 500+ diverse categories of surgeries.

100+ Cancer Awareness

Dr Deshmukh dedicates a part of his life to the service of the society and has conducted 100+ cancer awareness programs in rural and urban regions.

25+ Recognitions

Sincerity, religious dedication to his service, and his ability to guide aspiring and professional medical practitioners has earned Dr. Deshmukh 25+ recognitions.

About His Book - Surgeon's Blade

Surgeon’s Blade has been inked to give a vivid picture and day-to-day insights into the preparation and practice of surgery from a practitioner's perspective, and it will also educate the reader on some of the surgical challenges faced both by doctors and their patients.. The book is worded in a simple-to-understand manner with the aim of providing some transparent insights into the profession.